Episode 41: Standard Comb-Over

Jul 14, 2015162 minutes

Seventh Son, Mike Enoch, Raiden, Sean Last and Greg Johnson discuss the cuckservative counter-signalling against truly the greatest presidential candidate ever. Including The Shitlord Report with Kimmy Goebbels, The Merchant Minute, and Morrakiu's all-new feature, Dear Rabbi.

  • 0:00 INTRO/Ghoul's Visit
  • 9:00 D'Nations
  • 10:45 (Feeback) No D'nation For Sterilizations
  • 17:28 Feedback, and a Call To Action
  • 35:50 You Know Who's Doing The Raping
  • 1:26:45 The Shitlord Report
  • 1:30:00 Greg Johnson joins
  • 1:59:00 Dear Rabbi
  • 2:33:25 The Merchant Minute

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