The Marantz Tapes Part 2

Nov 24, 2017148 minutes

0:00:00 Just Salad 0:00:24 Marantz Reacts to The Marantz Tapes Part 1 0:14:30 Milo and the Alt-right 0:33:15 Peter Thiel, Curtis Yarvin 0:47:10 Ovens, Helicopters, Duterte 0:50:55 Gainesville 1:02:42 White Lives Matter, The white working class 1:15:02 The Alt-Lite, The MSM 1:26:32 Alt-Right legal battles, Elle Reeve, The SPLC 1:37:20 Kevin MacDonald, Culture of Critique, Jews, Identity issues, Marantz responds to MacDonald's accusation of libel 1:58:05 Interview with Tracy Jan of the Washington Post about brand endorsements

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