TDS167: Black Album White Power

Jun 30, 2017136 minutes

Mike’s down under and Ghoul is risen! Also joining us is Trent Effin Holmgren of the Euro….. Suicidal Solidarity, as well as Adam Haidt and Johnny Monoxide of The Paranormies. Show prep vs Shitposting… Fight!


The Right Stuff Dot Biz PO Box 1069 Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

All my friends are gone, cheer me up 5:00 Starboardstuff solves the most contentious issue of the month Zencast backlog update- Mostly Fixed! Tales from the Trough 10:00 Trump tweets again, it’s all over fam. Hail Pence. The life Cycle of a meme – Ghoul Multi Billion Dollar Nazi Hunting Industry 42:00 Overlord Zuckerberg and UBI 1:14:50 Suicidal Solidarity ft Trent Effin Holmgren Human Rights is a dead brand 1:24:40 Brave New World: Expectations Vs. Reality 1:36:00 Havok… /ourband/? 1:46:00 A Letter from a Half-Jew 2:00:55 D’nations Colin Kapernick Returns… to headlines. Black Album White Power Meter

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