TDS155: A Torch Wielding Mob of Intolerant, Implicitly Pro-Russia, KKK-Nazi White Supremists

May 16, 2017143 minutes

The Death Panel talk about The implicit Neo-Nazi, KKK, Pro-Russia, White Supremist Charlottesville rally and Jazzhands does some political stuff while we wait for Sven to get back from vacation.

D’Nations HERE or via PP to

Death Panelists: Mike Enoch, JAZZHANDS MCFUCKINGFEELS, Eli Mosley Cameo by Sacco Vandal

0:03:00 – Charlottesville, VA Rally 0:33:00 – Based (Half-) Black Guy in a Richard Spencer Pic 0:48:00 – Lee Park Anti-Cultural Festival 0:59:30 – Esoteric Hyperborean Fire Necromancy Thulean Ritual 1:02:30 – D’Nations 1:04:40 – Xurious – The Trump Betrayal 1:08:50 – Fash the Shoah with Jazzhands McFeels Fake News Trump Leak Nothingburger Daddy’s Comeys: YOU’RE FIRED! 1:34:30 – McWhitePills : Kobach’s DHS Taking on Voter Fraud Honor Killings Fall under Freedom of Religion and Other Insanities Nevertheless, She Resisted (Arrest) FTN Returns Saturday, June 3rd! 2:09:00 – The Merchant Minute

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