TDS153: Sven Not At All

May 16, 2017166 minutes

The Death Panel try to struggle through the absence of Sven to actually put together a French themed show. We discuss the Battle of New Orleans, the Cuck Knight, the French Election and the future of nationalism in the US and Europe.

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Death Panelists: Mike Enoch, Gunther Vandal, Eli Mosley, Patrick LeBrun

0:02:00 – Reports from the Battle of New Orleans The Alt Lite and the Cucked Knight Antifa Pusillanimity NOPD Treachery 0:58:30 – Paddy Tarleton -Who’s Gonna Fight In WWII 1:02:20 – French Election Post-Mortem with Patrick LeBrun 1:26:00 – French Antifa Racial Demographics Les Juifs Français et le Sandwich Kosher 2:45:20 – The Merchant Minute

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