TDS152: Macron Not So Much

May 5, 2017160 minutes

The Death Panel talk Trump's budget fail, New Orleans Confederate Monument Removal, and the French Elections with Patrick LeBrun of Counter Currents.

D’Nations or via PP to

Death Panelists: Mike, Sven, Special Guest Patrick LeBrun.

NEW T-SHIRTS. 0:12:30 Budget Stuff: Trump Fail Healthcare Repeal 0:46:50 Doug Levinson Reads Your D'Nations 0:52:00 Honor Student Eats Chicken, Chimps Out Defacing and Erasing the Dead in NOLA 1:27:00 Svenpai the Holocaust Guy 1:21:00 Patrick LeBrun Fills Us in on the French Election 1:51:35 D’Nations, Pt. 2(1:47:30ish – Cut out LeBrun call fail) 2:03:00 LeBrun Returns: #MACRONCACHECASH 2:30:50 - Suicidal Solidarity

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