Apr 14, 2017131 minutes

The Death Panel are joined by JAZZHANDS MCFEELS for the first time since Christmas!

NOTE: New D’Nation Button! PP to StandardPoolCo@Gmail still works too

Death Panelists: Mike, Sven, JazzHands

Fash the Nation to Return – with McFeels AND Halberstram! 0Catching Up on Trump’s Failures and Betrayals with Jazzhands …THE WALL 0:46:00 A Word From Our Sponsors 0:49:00 Boomer Trumpshilling and the Loyal Alt-Right Opposition How to Pull Trump’s Strings: Bannon Edition Silver Lining Pills 1:21:30 D’Nations, Announcements Vetting Requests: Include Contact Info and Region 1:30:40 – Suicidal Solidarity Trump’s Great About-Facing, cont’d. Daddy, You Promised Me a Pony Globalism MOAB

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