THE DAILY SHOAH #142: Boomers, Boers, Brotesters

Mar 28, 2017156 minutes

the DEATH PANEL aRe the REAL RACISTS, not the demonKKKrats, liike and sHARE to say AMEN!!!!


Death Panelists: Mike, Sven, Jayoh De La Rey, Eli Mosley

bOOMERpoSTING!!!11 0:11:30 Trump Rallies Nationwide vs Antifa Based Elbow Man Report from Philly Report from NYC: The Rent is Too Damned Inarticulate 1:10:05 “OOSHTBHFAM” 1:15:45 D’nations Suidlanders MI Event: fascistfather[at] 1:30:18 JayohPosting: All About South Africa Jayoh on Social Matter’s Podcast Global Semi-Communistic Third Worldism When the Loerie Sings Again OH GAWD Diamond and Gold Mines 2:26:57 The Merchant Minute

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