Mar 13, 2017178 minutes

The Death Panel talk French Elections, Dutch Muslims, Steve King doing nothing wrong, and copper MAGA hats.

Death Panelists: Mike, Sven, Patrick LeBrun.

Patrick LeBrun on the French Election; Marine Le Pen and the Front National; Voulez Vous Fasher Avec Moi; Chilled Political Discourse: France vs USA; Political Violence Coming to the Streets of America; Patrick’s Projects: (Patrick’s note: When the donation is “Friends and Family” then paypal doesn’t take a cut.) Bushitlerian Shitty Art Money Laundering; Wall Street Girl Statue 1:19:22 Chateau Potiste 1:26:20 Geert Wilders and Coleslaw Nationalism; Turkey Lights the Dutch Oven; Imagine a Europe Without Islam; Baguette Nationalism 1:53:10 D’Nations FAIRWATER TO RECORD CULTURE OF CRITIQUE AUDIO BOOK. Donate! 2:07:45 Steve King- Other People’s Babies 2:47:09- The Merchant Minute

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