TDS137: Death Panel, I'm CIA

Mar 10, 2017125 minutes

The Death Panel talks Vault 7 with the bare minimum of Baneposting, Health Care reform, White Flight, and (((Rebel))) Media. Featuring “Right Wing Death Squads,” Angery Reacts Only, and Dear Rabbi.

Death Panelists: Mike, Sven.

France, Parliamentary Systems, How Trump & the Two Party System Video: Mrs. D. Trump vs Mr. H. Clinton Based Stick Man Update: Freed from Jail, $72k Raised Vault 7 White Flight from the Public Square Get Out, Gavin McInnes, the DR3 and the Kosher Sandwich 1:01:40 “Right Wing Death Squads” Studio Version Arguing from Hypocrisy DUDE WEED LMAO 1:17:20 ANGERY REACTS ONLY!!! 1:26:00 CIA Vault 7 and Wikileaks’ Data Dump, Pt. 2 RyanCare 1:55:25 Dear Rabbi

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