TDS136: Zero Polerance Tolicy

Mar 7, 2017151 minutes

The Death Panel have Seen Kyle! And so have you! Click here to support Kyle Chapman's legal defense!

Death Panelists: Mike, Sven, Alex McNabb.

Did You See Kyle? Battle of Berkeley, Pt. 2; Based Stick Man Cops ignoring Political Violence Jewdicial Overreach: Miami-dAIDS County Judge Talmuddying the Waters for ICE 1:04:10 - D'Nations 1:16:43 - The Death Panel: Get Off the Pot, Pt. 420 1:28:30 - Doctor Narcan's White Privilege Experience 1:35:00 - Surveilled Threats: Trump Tower Edition 2:04:08 The Wyatt Black Pill; 2:20:17 - The Merchant Minute

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