TDS135: You Can’t Perjure Me, I Quit!

Mar 2, 2017137 minutes

The Death Panel muscle through a serious internet outage in order to bitch about Jeff Sessions and Slush Funds.

Death Panelists: Mike, Sven.

Sessions Cucks Out Why didn’t he watch Sven’s latest FaceFag? 1:01:18 D’Nations 1:07:25 “Liberal Tears” by Oyvey Ozberg Shoah Rehash: GA Couple Update; Night at the Apollo 13 Marijuanas Injection Debate: High Barriers to Entry, or Imagining a Boot Stomping on a Homemade Apple Bong Forever? White Pill: NC Retreats from Flaggotry The Shuckdown; La Raza Slush Funds Trump’s girl D’Neesha gonna git dat collige

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