TDS134: A Flat Tire in Dixie

Mar 1, 2017138 minutes

The Death Panel talk about the SPLC’s latest act of terror against white people, Oscars, Sodomy Cancer and Jewish Vandalism.

Death Panelists: Mike, Sven.

0:02:00 – And the Winner Is… Whipipo! Just Kidding, It’s Niggerfaggots 0:14:40 – The White Devil Went Down in Georgia; Jewdicial Grievance and Malfeasance 1:23:30 – Dr. Narcan: The Ditch Doctor’s Burden 1:32:05 – D’Nations 1:50:00 – Degeneration Z: Ass Cancer 2:03:25 – The Merchant Minute 2:07:45 – Hey Rabbi, Whatcha Doin’?

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