TDS131: Some Hotep In The Car

Feb 17, 2017146 minutes

Mike and Sven take a victory lap for the victory lap, discuss the Alt Right/Hotep Alliance, and recent political developments.

Death Panel: Mike Enoch, Seventh Son

TRStlemania Sven’s Wife Ordering Juice and Seeing Kyle Trumpposting The Animating Myth The Dingoes 1:05:53 D’Nations/Fundraising Efforts -Smith’s Paypal (Another Shoah’d GoFundMe): -WeSearcher campaign for Bad Goy Beaten Up By Antifa 1:14:25 “RWDS” Live (Again) 1:19:52 HOTEP/Alt Right Alliance YOU’RE FIRED, Flynn American Innocence 2:05:37 The Merchant Minute


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