THE DAILY SHOAH #129: Best Of Black Fake History Month '16

Feb 10, 2017181 minutes

The Death Panel needed some time off, so in place of a fresh episode here is a 3 hour compilation of last year's Black Fake History Month discussions! Featuring several songs and even a Triple D bit!

0:00 LARP Like An Egyption 1:30 We Wuz Pharaohz n Sheeiit with Greg Johnson 49:19 Topographical Evidence of Maps 1:25:49 We Invented Ever'thang n Sheeeiiit 2:28:53 Deathcamps, Despots & Dives: Lynching 2:31:57 Johnny Aborigine: We Wuz Averyone n Sheeiiit 2:52:26 Kang Nuffin

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