TDS117: Decolonizing the Current Year

Dec 28, 2016199 minutes

Mike returns from his Yule-Tide Illness! The Death Panel talk White Genocide, The DR3 Prom, 2016's dead lefties and more!

Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Bulby, MeinKraft1001

0:00 Intro: Carol of the Things again White Identity Is More Important Than Religion? (((TED Talks))) 1:26:20 - D'nations TRS Gives Fashion Advice 2016 - A Year in Re-Jew 1:57:10 - More D'nations Goals for the Alt-Right in 2017 2:07:40 - Happy Hannukah (((Academic))) advocates white genocide (((Decolonizing Dialetics))) Alt-Lite Tearing Each Other Part: (((Thernovich))) vs. Baked Alaska Mike Rants About Vox Day 3:00:10 - The Merchant Minute

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