TDS116Zyklon: The Island Of Misfit Goys

Dec 23, 2016123 minutes

Mike is still too sick to perform! But we assemble an emergency Death Panel to wish you a Merry Christmas anyway.

Featuring The Night Before Fashmas, A Knockoff Christmas, The Merchant Minute, and the classic Night Before TRSmas. Enjoy!

Death Panel: Sven, Musonius Rufus, Bradan O’Fahey, Johnny Monoxide, Death

0:00 Mike Enoch’s Merry Christmas Message (((Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer))) The Truth About (((Hannukah))) Christmas in ‘Straya Talking about Christmas Lights Richard Spencer’s Mum harassed by the Jews 36:10: A Knockoff Christmas Ivanka Trump harassed by Jews as well Bantzing podcasts Talking to normies about alt-right stuff (((Gilmore Girls))) 1:07:22 – The Night Before Fashmas 1:12:00 – D’nations Millenials Think Trannies In Bathrooms Is Ok Christcuck Chat 1:42:45 – The Merchant Minute (((SPLC))) talks about Between Two Lampshades; Denies Holocaust Story? 2:00:00 – TRS Classic: The Night Before TRSmas

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