TDS115: Rubles Can Be Even Dearer Friends

Dec 13, 2016217 minutes

Dr. Pizzagate; I'm C.I.A! The #2 Russian Propaganda Republican Podcast is back to discuss fake news and Russian CoupsFeaturing a Christmas song from last year, Dr. Narcan, and The Merchant Minute.

DEATH PANEL: Sven, Mike, Ghoul, McNabb, Bulby

GUEST: Andrew Anglin from The Daily Stormer

0:00 Shitposting & Pool Parties

RehashTheNation - Trump's Latest Picks

Fast Food Resteraunt Talk Back to Rehashing the Nation 39:12 - Oven Break Talking About Jews & Degeneracy

AppalachianLivesMatter: Gatlingburg Fires

1:23:30 - Christmas Classic "An Hero" Andrew Anglin joins to talk about being a Russian Hacker PizzaGate Why The Jews Want War With Russia BREAKING NEWS: (((Bill Kristol))) resigns TRS Forum are open! 2:49:00 - D'nations 3:05:35 - The Merchant Minute The Talking Yid: Spencer FUCKING DESTROYS Leftists & Jews at Texas A&M 3:23:00 Dr Narcan: Tales From The Bamberlamps

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