TDS112: It's Just How We Wave Hello

Nov 22, 2016191 minutes

The Death Panel discuss NPI, waving high enough so people see you, Twitter Meltdowns, T-Shirts and High-Energy Radio DJing.

Death Panel: Mike, Sven, Ghoul, Bulbasaur, intern Myne1001

0:00 – Cold Open Mike Cernovich Periscope meltdown – Pussy Mindset – TRS Blog Technical Talk – TRS & Counter Signal Memes Merchandise Available! – WKKK1488FM – Official TRS FM Radio! – NPI 2016 Conference & Antifags 1:13:55 – Le Spoopy Autiste – More (((Cernovich))) Ranting – Shamelessly Promoting The Knock-Off Show Ep. 6 (available on TRS Radio) – President Trump Cabinet Picks – Rehash The Nation: Trump Blasts Media In Private Meeting? 2:19:50 – D’nations – Bill O’Reilly tells (((Al Frankton))) to shut up back in 2003 – Even more (((Cernovich))) ranting 2:46:20 – The Merchant Minute – Mark Cernobich & The Baboon Mindframe

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