TDS108: Slibel and Lander

Oct 25, 2016200 minutes

The Death Panel are joined by Curt Doolittle for some fashy effortshitposting! Featuring Wall Stars, Le Chateau Autiste, and The Merchant Minute.

Death Panel: Sven, Mike Enoch, Ghoul, Alex McNabb, Bulbasaur, Intern Myne Craft1001

Guest: Curt Doolittle

  • Rehash the Nation Shitposting
  • Curt Doolittle: Market Fascism
  • 1:01:00 - Wall Stars
  • The 3rd Presidental Debate
  • "Trump Is Losing!" Meme
  • (((Bill Kristol))) Meltdown
  • #TheList
  • Trump roasts Hillary & (((elites))) at Al Smith Charity Dinner
  • Ivanka Trump doesn't disavow Trump
  • 2:02:00 - D'nations
  • Holohoax Holograms
  • 2:12:40 - Le Chateau Autiste
  • The Psuedo White Pill on the Election
  • 2:34:00 - Tales From The Bamberlamps
  • Sad Tales From The Bamberlamps
  • 3:04:45 - The Merchant Minute

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