TDS071: Topographical Evidence of Maps

Feb 9, 2016163 minutes

The 2nd week of Black Fake History Month is off and running!The Death Panel discuss last week's shut-down, the Afrocentrist Shclockumentary "Hidden Colors," The Jewper Bowl, and RooshV. Featuring the Shitlord Report and the Merchant Minute.

Death Panelists: Seventh Son, Mike Enoch, Ghoul, Scott Taylor

  • 0:00 Spaghetti for 3 minutes.
  • 3:00 INTRO
  • 5:00 Site Outage/Chocolate Bananas
  • 28:45 D'Nations
  • 37:45 Black Fake History Month! Hidden Colors
  • 1:17:40 Molytallica: "One (Fecking Dolluh)"
  • 1:28:20 Gregory Hood's article on Counter Currents
  • 1:46:45 Jewper Bowl Sunday
  • 2:01:00 The Shitlord Report
  • 2:05:45 Roosh's Press Conference
  • 2:28:30 The Merchant Minute

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