TDS069 Cuckster's Last Stand

Jan 26, 2016208 minutes

The Death Panel are joined by My Posting Career's PLEASUREMAN to discuss National Review's impressive An-Hero, SCALE and lots of other Jewy things. Featuring The Shitlord Report and The Merchant Minute.

Death Panel: Seventh Son, Mike Enoch, Ghoul, Pleasureman, and Alex McNabb.

  • 0:00 INTRO
  • 2:30 NRO, Rise of the Alt Right
  • 45:00 Hebrews Is Gay: Psyops
  • 1:12:45 Trolling Mike's Family
  • 1:31:30 The Shitlord Report
  • 1:38:30 D'Nations
  • 1:43:30 SCALE
  • 3:14:15 The Merchant Minute

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